Grievance Procedure Software

Is the new second generation grievance software application brought to you by the original creator of the highly acclaimed GSA product. (GSA is obsolesced & discontinued)

Grievance Procedure Software ™ is a totally redesigned application utilizing the latest advancements in logic and advanced web technologies to provide “State of the Art”, innovation and leading-edge attributes and performance for your current and future grievance handling needs.

Developed as a web based, enterprise level and impartial administrative tool, Grievance Procedure Software ™ can provide any Labor Organization, Governmental Unit or Agency, Corporate or Human Resource entity, with an automated “Best in Class” mechanism to easily and uniformly create, track progress, train, and administer the full Employee Grievance process; including all related business documents, forms, communication and response tracking, data tables, reports, training and training results necessary for “Paperless” grievance administration.